Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Look Like Familiar Disney Duos


The internet cannot handle after the realization that Robert and Chris look a lot like iconic Disney duos.

Robert Downey, Jr tweeted to Chris Evans comparing them to Disney Character duos, like for Snow White shown. From there it started like wildfire spreading on twitter like a challenge.

Chris was so impressed, that he tweeted back: “Well I don’t know how you keep nailing these, but thank you for my new screensaver. And headshot. How do I make this my ringtone?”

Of course the internet wanted to make their own comparisons and we were not disappointed at all.

From Iron Man’s hand and Buzz Lightyear’s hand making gestures that are very similar plus they are both in armed flying suits.

One tweet from last year from Downey’s Twitter comparing the two to Bambie characters.

Another twitter user BuckyBarnes did a great job with this one. A motorcycle is basically a modern day horse so we’ll accept it.


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