The World’s Stinkiest House Now Smells Fresh and Clean!


Amazing “Air Scrubber” Ionizer and Night Light Works Miracles!


My name is Jason, and we live in a beautiful Victorian house. It has five bedrooms, three floors, and a few wood-burning chimneys. The house was built in 1898.

It has been maintained really well, updated with modern heating, insulation, and plumbing, and is in beautiful condition.

My family has lived there for three generations. There’s plenty of room for everyone. My parents live there, I live there, my brothers and sisters live there, and even my Grandmother lives there!

It’s was almost like paradise, except for one thing.


My Grandmother Turned Into
a Crazy Cat Lady!

She has 14 cats living in her part of the house. Not only that, but we have other pets in the house! We have two dogs, fish tanks, a bunch of lizards, and turtles that we keep too!

It was getting pretty unbearable to live in the house. There was a terrible smell coming from her rooms, and I mean TERRIBLE! And the air was full of dust and tiny particles from the kitty litter.

It smelled like stale urine, rotten food, and poop. If we went into one of the rooms close to her bedroom, the smell was so bad that we gagged.

We spoke to her a few times about the smell, but Grandma insisted there was nothing wrong. Dad wanted her to get rid of some of the cats, but she was so attached to them, she would not hear of it. My Dad was getting angrier and angrier, but since she was his Mother, he decided we’d have to deal with it.


We even hired a cleaning company to come and deodorize the house, but there was a bad chemical smell after they left, and the horrible smells returned after about a week.

It wasn’t like Grandma was dirty, she was actually very clean, and she always emptied the cat boxes, but there was no way that you could live in a house with 14 cats and not smell like cat pee and poop all the time.

I was getting embarrassed to go to my college classes. I always felt that people were avoiding me because my clothes stunk, just like the house!

I Discovered the Secret of Super Clean, Ionized Air!

One day after school, I went to a pet store to buy some kitty litter and cat food for Grandma. It was interesting going into the store. They had dozens of cats and dogs, birds, lizards, and even a monkey! And you know how bad monkeys can smell. If you’ve ever been to a Monkey House at the zoo, the smell can knock you out.

But here’s the thing, that pet store smelled clean and fresh. There was no odor at all! I wondered how they kept the pet store smelling so clean when they had all those animals there.

“This pet store smells really clean”, I said to the owner. “How do you do it? We have a lot of animals at home and our house smells horrible.”

The owner smiled. “Don’t I know it! This store smelled so bad that I think it was driving away customers. But then I found out from a customer who was an environmental scientist about Breathe Green PURE Air Purifiers. I bought a few of them, and it was like a miracle. My store doesn’t smell at all!”


“Wow,” I said. “They really work?”

The store owner told me to think about why the air smells so fresh and clean after a rainstorm. That’s because the earth is charged with negative ions that clean the air and makes it smell great. Breathe Green PURE WORKS THE SAME WAY, scrubbing the air clean and actually removing odor molecules from the air. It doesn’t just cover up odors, it REMOVES THEM!


He said the scientist explained that air ionizers rely on the chemical properties of ions. Air ionizers create negative ions using electricity and then discharge them into the air. These negative ions attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air.

Many studies show that air ionizers cleanse the air of bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, molds, soot, pollen, and household odors. This really helps people suffering from hay fever and other seasonal allergies. Air ionizers can actually help relieve tension and improve sleep patterns.

The pet shop owner showed me these small little devices that were plugged in all around the pet store. They were glowing with a soft blue light.


“They are absolutely safe for pets. You can leave them on all the time. And they are great when it gets dark. They barely use any electricity, but they act as night lights too!”

I Ordered 5 Breathe Green PURE Air Ionizers and They Changed Our Life!!

The guy at the pet store told me that he had done a ton of research and discovered the most effective and best air ionizers were called Breathe Green PURE. I ordered them at the official website.


Here’s my experience:

  • I ordered 5 Breathe Green PURE IONIZERS and they came fast, in 8 days.
  • I plugged in three in my Grandma’s part of the house, and the other two in ours; one in the bathroom and one near the other pets.
  • In a few hours, I couldn’t believe it! THERE WAS NO SMELL!
  • The air was SUPER CLEAN! BEFORE, I used to be able to see the thick dust in the air. But not only did the air smell great, but it was clear, with no dust at all! Breathe Green PURE scrubbed the indoor air clean! It was amazing!

The room smelled beautifully fresh and clean! I even brought in a friend to see if I was just used to the stink, but my friend said there was no smell at all!


Here Are Some Other Things
I Did With Breathe Green PURE.

  • My two cousins are asthmatic and have always suffered from sneezing, teary eyes, wheezing, and coughing. Once my Aunt talked to my Mom, she bought several Breathe Green PURE air purifiers, and almost immediately, my cousins stopped having problems. That’s because the ionizing power of Breathe Green PURE scrubbed the air of all allergens, toxins, pollen, and other particulate matter, like dust. If you have a dusty environment or problem with pollen, there is nothing more powerful that will keep your home clean. Dust and particles literally drop out of the air! Your indoor environment will be fresh and super clean!
  • My friend works in a bowling alley, and they have a shoe rental room which he said smells so bad that he has to hold his nose to go in there. It’s full of horrible smelling bowling shoes. Breathe Green PURE cleared up that stink ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. Now he says he doesn’t have to hold his nose when he goes in there.
  • One of my friends lives in a house where his parents smoke, and he can’t stand the smell. It always smells like stale tobacco. He ordered a couple of Breathe Green PURE ionizers, and now he says his house smells so much better. He keeps one in his room and there is never any tobacco smell anymore, and Breathe Green PURE even removed the clouds of smoke that lingered.
  • The locker rooms on campus at the gym smell horrendous. I told the Front Desk about Breathe Green PURE, and they tried out a few in there. Now you don’t have to hold your nose and choke while you’re getting changed after working out. It even works in one of the worst smelling places, a guys’ locker room.

THE Breathe Green PURE IONIZERS constantly work to keep the air clean. They scrub the air and BANISH odors. They get rid of allergens, odors, and harmful pollutants.

Breathe Green PURE IONIZERS are chemical-free and non-toxic, unlike dangerous aerosol cleaners and deodorizers.They only use a tiny amount of electricity, so you can leave them on all the time.

Breathe Green PURE combines the air ionizer and LED light function to provide you a comfortable and clean night’s sleep.

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